If you think traffic during winter in your city is bad, wait until you see this chaos in Montreal.

Winter is always tricky and even experienced drivers sometimes have hard time with all that snow and ice. But in this video, it all got a bit out of control and led to a slippery situation for numerous vehicles, including buses, cars and even the police.

It was early winter morning in Montreal and all started with few cars who lost control on the icy road. A city bus came by and didn’t have any more luck than previous two drivers with stopping on time. It just pushed the vehicles down the road, just in time so new three cars could share the same destiny.

If you think that’s all – you couldn’t be more wrong. This winter chaos just started!

A pick-up truck then slides into the back of the bus, the impact causing the ladders in the back of the truck to shoot into the air and the bus to roll into the car stuck in front, creating a chain of vehicles.

Later in the video, another bus ends up colliding with the pick-up truck, causing the car at the front of the chain to slide across the junction. The bump causes the pick-up truck to slide out of the vehicle conga line to the other side of the road.

Colin Creado, who works on Viger Street, spotted both buses colliding on his way to work. “The bus was full of people, and it couldn’t stop. It crashed into the other bus,” he told CBC.

Another scene taken further up the sloping street shows a bus slowly slide sideways across the road as onlookers watch.

A police car is also seen slowly sliding backwards down a road, its lights flashing helplessly. The video flips to a different perspective to show the police car join the two buses and one car pile-up, its back banging against the bus.

“I could see the cop car literally jump in the air,” Credo said. “It was pretty powerful.”

Even a sturdy snowplow is no match for the icy road, as it too ends up in the pile up, its plough almost crushing the police car.

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