This Tesla charger may give us a glimpse of how cool and awesome the future will become.

Seeing where automotive industry is going in this century is absolutely stunning experience. More and more electric cars are on the roads all over the world and it wouldn’t be surprising if these eco-friendly cars replace vehicles we’re used to. In case you didn’t know, the world’s first mass produced electric car was launched by Tesla Motors. Their cars are not only eco-friendly, they’re also safe and smart. Sometimes even smarter than their drivers. And what kind of a smart car would it be if it couldn’t charge itself? This Tesla charger is pretty cool.

That’s why Tesla Motors invented a smart charger. Just imagine – you come home, park your car (actually, it pars itself) and all you need to think about is how great your evening will be. The car will open the plug lid by itself and snake charger will find its way to the plug and automatically connect.

Pretty fascinating!

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