Even tho first 3D printer was created back in 1980s, we still don’t know  what this stunning device is capable of. Just recently Local Motors has officially produced the first 3D printed car – Strati.

The Strati, how they called it, took a bit less than 45 hours to be printed and was printed in one piece.

And yes, it’s completely functional!

It’s a humble (albeit very cool-looking) thing. Built—printed—in Detroit, in collaboration with Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, the Strati is a small electric car with only two seats, the first of many models in Local’s plans.

Strati is simply designed, its dashboard looking like stacked silicone beads from a caulking gun. Its flanks, meanwhile, are smooth, resembling the exposed parts of the BMW i3’s matte carbon tub. “We milled the sides to show how that would look,” one of the innovators says. “Some of the other parts are just how they came out of the printer, so you can see that. But we can make it look however we want. You could put a vinyl wrap on it and the car would still be completely recyclable.”

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