No one likes getting a speeding ticket or parking ticket of any sort, but new technology is really not helping. These days it’s pretty normal to get a ticket or parking fine through the mail for something wrong that you (maybe) did weeks ago.

The biggest problem with tickets that come through mail is that they are very hard to fight against. More often than not, in these situations, you’re forced to prove that you’re not guilty, rather than have it be assumed from the beginning that you’re innocent.

This is a story bout a man who got rather strange parking fine through the mail. He decided he was going to appeal it, but not without adding some humor to the whole situation. When he received his parking ticket, he immediately decided that they had no ability to prove his guilt.

It’s great that this intelligent guy proved his innocence while getting out of an expensive parking ticket. We should all learn a thing or two from this man who was unjustly framed.

Make sure to check out his genius defense!

No matter what, I’m glad that this was such a simple legal matter, and you have to admit — Lycett’s defense was pretty perfect!


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