Not many car owners enjoy winter. Winter means no more open windows, frosted locks, ice on a road and sitting in a cold vehicle for what looks like ages until it heats up.

With rising temperature and human breathing inside of a closed vehicle, one more problem occurs – foggy windows. If you try wiping them, there’s a chance you’ll only make things worse, and waiting until they defog is extremely frustrating experience.

Luckily, there are people out there that have the same problem. Unlike me, however, they’ve figured out a clever way to make sure a foggy car window doesn’t ruin your day.

In this simple car hack video, you’ll learn how to use a pair of socks in order to fix foggy car windows. You may be wondering already how that’s strange, but you’ll be more surprised when you find out what he puts inside the socks!

Want to know what he puts inside the sock and how effective it is? Watch the video to find out. Soon, foggy windows will be a problem of the past!

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