Samsung’s safety truck might be the best thing that happened for drivers’ security in years.

If you’ve ever been stuck behind fully-loaded truck, you know that it really isn’t a pleasant experience. It’s even more unpleasant as more often than not it’s not possible to see past it. Not seeing anything makes passing the truck like the mission impossible and drivers have only two options – to stay behind a truck for ages, or to try and hope for the best. Most often drivers pick the second option and that’s why not a day can pass without a car accident which involves truck and a passing car.

I’m sure that every driver who found themselves behind a truck at least once wished the truck was transparent. Well,¬†Samsung heard those wishes.

They equipped few trucks with their own technology Рa camera with night vision in the front and giant screen on the back of the truck. This way drivers were able to see the road ahead and pass the truck safely.

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