There are not many car makers that are so well known as the Lamborghini. Everyone will recognize a Lamborghini, even the person who has no passion for cars. No matter how old they are, those vehicles always wow everyone.

Even back in the day, these cars looked stunning and out of that time. This story is just about that – old stunning Lamborghini.

You’ve maybe heard of a show named Chasing Classic Cars. The team travels all over the country checking people’s barns, garages and cars in search for something spectacular. Most of the times they don’t find anything special, but every once in a while they make a spectacular discovery.

During their road trip, when they made a stop in the Midwest, they were called to check a rare find in an old abandoned garage. There was a surprise waiting for them – a Lamborghini Miura!

The Lamborghini Miura is known as a luxury sports car which was produced from 1966 till 1973. The model didn’t last for a long time, but it was known as the fastest car on the road. Not only it was super fast, it looked stunning.

They’re sure right when they say this car is a time warp!

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