Unless you’re one of those people who can’t resist drawing sad face or writing “Wash me” on a random dirty car covered in dust, dirty cars doesn’t sound very inspiring.

And if you’re anything like me you most likely wash your car on a regular basis before the layer of road grim covers it.

But Scott Wade is not like all other people. When he see a dusty car, he see endless potential.

Scott Wade is the artist behind Dirty Car Art, and that is exactly what it sounds like.  He uses brushes and rubber tools to create stunning pieces of art on the of dusty cars.

He started his hobby by doodling on his own car. He lived in Texas and his home was on an unpaved road, and no matter how often he washed his car it would always be covered in dust by the end of the day.

With time and practice his drawings became more and more complex and people started noticing.

The rest is history.

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